There are two types of travelers, one who plans everything including their journey places, hotels, tickets and everything else, and second are those who just pick their bags and leave for where the destiny takes them. For an easier reference in the next few paragraphs, let’s name them, backpackers and luxury peeps. Let the journey begin:


What’s your choice? Backpacker or Luxury Peeps

I, personally, am a backpacker. Perhaps the reason is the hard work schedule that hardly let me figure out when I will get some days off work. All of a sudden, a get a couple of days off my office and all I can manage is finding a reason to go out and spend some time traveling. No time to schedule, no time to arrange anything. And more importantly, I hardly bother about wasting even a few hours from my hard-earned freedom in planning something that will not matter to me after a few days. So I just pack my back and leave for anywhere.

But being a passionate traveler, I have seen people having everything well arranged. They have their hotel rooms pre-booked. Their tickets are ready in their wallets and they have a list of places to visit and activities to do. I hate those people because they know why they are where they are. On the other hand, I hardly have any idea of what I am doing and what am I supposed to do next. I want to be as organized as those people. But it’s tough, and I know that. Mainly because those people have made those arrangements well in advance, perhaps a few months ago.

I hate seeing my fellow travelers staying in luxury hotels in all comfort and I am just wandering around from one hotel to another, just in the hope to find a room to stay at. I hate it when I see those people getting welcomed in fancy restaurants by the waiters because they have their seats reserved in advance, and I am just searching for an average fast-food joint to have the food of my choice.

Luxury peeps
Luxury peeps

But, I love it when I see those people obeying their guides to visit the next destination. They came here for some freedom, still, forced to see what’s written in their itinerary. On the other hand, I have all the freedom of exploring places I want, staying at hotels below-par, enjoying street food of my choice and doing nothing else but enjoying my trip. Because, I have no plans, and sometimes it’s better not to have a plan if your plan restricts you to do certain things.

I have been a solo traveler or a backpacker as I promised to call people like me in the beginning for years now. I have been to quite a few places. No lists. No schedules. No itineraries. Just me and my backpack with some necessary things for my journey. 

I meet new people, people like me who have no destinations to go to. They just have a backpack, sometimes some things that complement mine. We sit together and open up our backs to each other. We make plans together and pick our next activity/famous places on-the-spot. This is a unique feeling which makes me fall more for being a backpacker.

I love being a backpacker but this doesn’t mean I do not believe in being a luxury peep. They are right in their own place and me at mine. But what I witness is something really valuable in my perception. So the ultimate question is a backpacker or luxury peeps.


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