Are you planning a trip to the magnificent city of Agra? Do you want to discover the unknown areas of the old city of Agra? If yes is your answer then your keen desire to discover the magnificent heritage town of Agra can be fulfilled, the moment you plan a City Walk of Agra and explore the lesser-known areas of this historic city.  This tour offers an extraordinary opportunity to travel through this city and experience its exceptionally diverse culture.

It is a splendid experience for both national and international tourists as they are fascinated because Agra is embedded with different types of attractions. Picking up this tour is perhaps an ideal way to get a pragmatic snapshot of the diverse culture and rich inheritance of the city.  From the age-old city walk to the spectacular architectural edifices to scintillating malls to the street food, the travelers will get an option to lift their spirits and unwind on this tour.

In this single city walk tour, you will come across a lot of appealing facts associated with rich customs and traditions prevalent in the Mughal era and the architectural intensity of the forts, gardens, and monuments. The diverse attractions of Agra will surely mesmerize you and make your five senses work overtime.

The duration period of the Agra city walk tour 

city walk tour
city walk tour

It takes around 3-hour to conduct the tour around the old bazaar area and comprises of a visit to Agra’s unexplored landmarks like Jama Masjid, the celebrated Goddess temple, and the very popular spice market. The tour ends with a remarkable sight of the Taj which is from the River Yamuna. On the whole, there is much in store for you in the ancient city of Agra despite four chief tourist sites which a tourist normally explores in Agra. According to the experts, the best way to explore the city is to hire an experienced local guide or Local sightseeing tour, chart out an appropriate map and simply walk and walk. Local guides are very helpful but serendipity also plays a major role in finding out lesser-known destinations.

Things you can explore on your city tour

Choose the time slot as per your convenience for a city walk, preferably in the early noon hours. This walking tour will offer a completely diverse picture of the town. Bells chiming in the shrines, vendors selling out some scrumptious delicacies and you can pick up handicrafts and knick-knacks from here and there. The magnificent Taj Mahal is undeniably the biggest motivation why people from all across the world visit Agra but some of the other must-see places in Agra.

  • Jama Masjid—It is also known as Friday Mosque. You can pray at Jama Masjid, which is a huge mosque and was ascribed to Jahanara Begum, Shah Jahan’s daughter. 
  • After exploring the narrow yet fascinating and interesting lanes of the Agra, you can talk to the old families living in this area, who will have a lot of tales to tell. 
  • This scintillating experience can be further extended by offering your prayers at the old Manka Meshwar temple. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.  When you move into the bi-lanes of this Agra city you will come across shops that sell items that are used to decorate the images of Goddesses and Gods. 
  • You can also visit the famous wholesale spice market famous by the name of Rawatpara. It sells pulses, grains, spices, etc. You can buy the well known sweet of Agra known as Petha in different flavors. Also, visit the popular street of Ayurvedic doctors and the food lane of Seth Gali.

So, without any delay book, your city walk tour of Agra and have a wonderful travel experience.


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